Membership Application

Membership Types:

  • Regular $100 - Filipino-American physicians currently licensed to practice in the USA
  • Associate $80 - Filipino-American physicians who are retired or have inactive licenses, currently-licensed Physicians who do not have Filipino ethnicity
  • Affiliate $50 - Other healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, therapists and technologists) and students
  • Auxiliary $50 - Individuals in a non-medical field that support the goals and activities of the society

As part of the application process, please provide a PMSNC Sponsor. A Sponsor is a personal contact who is currently an active member of PMSNC. This member must be able to confirm your dedication to our cause and your willingness to participate in the organization's activities. If you cannot provide a sponsor, we will ask you to provide professional references instead.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

Agnes Y. Alikpala, MD
Membership Committee Chairman
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